August Just One Word Bible Reading Plan

in the lonely and difficult times?  

August Bible Reading Plan

in the joyful times?


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 Matthew 7 and Luke 6 both record Jesus’ teaching about the life-giving benefit of taking in God’s Word and putting it into practice.  In essence, it’s all about being a doer of the word, and not just a hearer, as James describes. (James 1:22)
When we both hear and put the Word of God into practice in our lives, we will stand strong in our faith in Jesus Christ, no matter what kind of storms life may come in our lives.
The August 2017 Reading Plan focuses on teachings using the words stones and rocks. Enjoy your time in God’s Word.
Always remember, there is no other real Rock than Jesus.

Each daily reading is linked to the NIV Bible®. You may print, download and access the NIV® Bible for each reading by clicking on  the reading for each day. You may also select any other translation available through, by following the link.

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